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作者: hunikieez9    時間: 2018-2-13 22:18     標題: Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale profits

Brassington, Jagdeo and Ashni are not only scamps. Dem is bareface scamps. A few days ago, Brassington tell this nation half truths and many lies.At a press conference that he call, to talk bout de Marriott, de fuss lie he tell is that all he dealings wid de Marriott was transparent. He had to be wearing nylon shirt wha only Donald,Jerseys NFL China, Ashni and Jagdeo coulda see through.Then he seh that de hotel is de first major hotel in Guyana in 45 years. Wha happen wid de Pegasus? Is that a rum shop?Then he seh that de feasibility study show that de hotel gun mek eleven per cent profit. He did not tell de whole story in de people report. He ain’t even tell half. He didn’t tell people that fuh mek de eleven per cent profit Guyana had to find oil, must have a road to Brazil,Nike Air Max 95 Sale, plus a deep water harbor. De people talk bout other things but Brassington hide that from de people. That was de con.Then he try to show that Guyana is not de only government to invest in a hotel. He seh that Trinidad own de Hyatt and got share in de Hilton. Wha he didn’t tell de nation is that Trinidad economy is six times that of Guyana; that de population is almost three times Guyana own and is like comparing chalk to cheese.He then seh that de opposition attack de project from de inception. He shame fuh seh is de media that expose dem dutty tricks.Dem four crooks, Brassington,jerseys cheap nfl, Donald, Jagdeo and Ashni, seh that de Marriott gun create nuff job. De place done build and not one Guyanese ain’t wuk pun it.De hotel near done and instead of creating new jobs fuh people, Brassington and he clique thiefing people from other hotels, bars and rum shops.And de biggest lie to kick de bucket is when he seh that not one cent of tax dollars build de hotel. He seh all de money he spend on de hotel is NICIL money.Well dem boys got questions fuh dem. NICIL is owned by Brassington and he family? Jagdeo and he whatever you call it? Ashni and he family?  Donald and he family?Dem boys find it strange because dem know that all de money that goes into NICIL coming from state corporations,Cheap NFL Jerseys, state institutions and state properties.Whether it comes from dividends,Kevin Love Jersey, profits,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, sale of state assets, it come from the people of Guyana, not de private bank book or de safe dem got in dem house or de one dem got buried in dem backyard.Talk half and wait fuh much more on the Bharwah Bharriot.

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